UPCYB4 UltraPAK 4-Person HUB Intercom System from Eartec includes one HUB Mini Base Station, four UltraPAK Remote Beltpacks, four Cyber Headsets, five rechargeable batteries, an 8-port battery charger, and a medium soft-side case. It is designed to accommodate four-person crews who need to communicate wirelessly while simultaneously working with their hands.

The Hub is designed to extend the range of your existing Eartec wireless system by over 300M, and moreover, you can wear it on a belt, and thus allow your hotspot to travel with you or you can place it in a single, changeable location. The UltraPAK utilizes Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology (DECT) to provide simultaneous wireless communication within a 300M range. It weighs only 70grm and includes a volume control, mute button, and LED indicator. The Cyber Headset features a thin, malleable back band which runs around the neck and a miniature speaker that sits in the ear.

UPCYB4 UltraPAK 4-Person HUB Intercom System